Why should I be a member of the Namibia Charcoal Association?

The association was formed to formalize the charcoal industry and serve the needs of all roll players. In order to ensure stability and growth for the industry we believe it is important to have a strong representing body which can lobby and speak on behalf of the industry to government and other policy makers. Your support for the future success of the charcoal business is essential and we would like to invite you to also join the association in order for you and your suppliers to become members. Membership will ensure access to the NCA web page on which you may advertise and from the NCA office in Namibia you will amongst others have access to producers, factories, markets, etc. kept on the database at the NCA office in Namibia. Furthermore, the NCA assists its members in sorting out issues picked up with the authorities. We have learned that your company is also buying charcoal from Namibian producers and thus we invite your company to be part of this fast-growing association. Contact the office for more information. 
E-mail: info@ncanamibia.com